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1 relationship. 30 possible acts.


the two-person variety show romance where YOU decide the story

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A.G. (@hereviewstheatre)

“To be succinct, 'WOW!' Truly wonderful choreography and physicality [...] Had my schedule aligned, I would have gone to every performance.”

A circus acrobat dancer who can sing and an actor musician who can dance walk into a bar. They walk out of the bar with the concept for a choose-your-own-adventure romance musical featuring 30 (and counting) variety acts.

Arson 101, A Choose Your Own Adventure is the story of one relationship told collaboratively between the audience and the actors to create 1260+ possible show combinations. It begins when the soon-to-be-lovers meet, and ends... who knows where?!


Based on dating advice received from audience volunteers, Kaylin and Levani use 30+ variety acts created from the vast "special skills" section of their resumes (including but not limited to dance, music, acrobatics, drag, and clowning) to reach up to 7 different story endings. No matter the ending, Arson 101 is a humorous and heartfelt tale about relationships, communication, and the stories we tell ourselves about love.

How It Works

Arson 101 is created fresh each performance from a pool of 30 variety acts, which are selected based on audience responses to the characters' requests for advice. Every combination of responses that can occur is associated with a specific act, which moves the story forward to reach one of 10 possible ending sequences (Acts 8+9). Yes, we do use the flowchart in the rehearsal studio.

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About the Artists

Arson 101 is the inaugural collaboration between actor, musician, and capoeirista Levani and acrobat, drag king, and dancer Kaylin. Together, they are drawn to use their wide array of performance skills to explore stories that expand the range of narratives about romance, sex, and relationships commonly seen on stage.


About the Director

Michael Amira

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Michael Amira began making theatre as a kid in San Diego, California, where she graduated from San Diego State University. She has a strong interest in experimental and untraditional theatre, and is most excited about projects and processes that center equity and joy. She currently works as an actor, director, and community health worker.


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